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Famous Indian Food in Perth

      Are you fond of the various mouth-watering authentic Indian cuisine? Well, then know that with Best Indian restaurant in Perth now being there, your search for traditional Indian food has finally come to an end. Name any of the famous Indian cuisine or Indian meals rich in condiments and Indian spices, and there you've got it now in Perth. Read on to know in detail about the various famous Indian food that are now available in Perth.

1. Butter Chicken 

       If you truly love Indian cuisines, then not tasting this delectable dish of tandoori chicken pieces in thick creamy gravy is simply a crime! Now available in an Indian restaurant in Perth, this dish of Punjabi origin comes with mildly spiced flavour with thick red gravy and a combination of tangy and sweet taste. The flavours and essence of various Indian spices and herbs, simply make this dish a tempting one all across the globe.

2. Mutton Rogan Josh

If Indian food culture is known for its tongue-tickling spicy flavour and intricate traditional ingredients, then Mutton Rogan Josh is certainly one of the most famous of Indian sumptuous dishes. And can be enjoyed along with Rice or Naan, consisting of pieces of lamb or mutton, this Indian cuisine is usually made with slow-cooking technique and comes with gravy, the flavoursome appeal of which you can't ignore.

3. Biryani


    This mixed rice dish that contains either chicken or mutton in it, is a classic Indian cuisine of Mughlai origin. Usually, mutton or chicken is marinated in various Indian fragrant spices and yoghurt and later mixed with semi-cooked rice, slow-cooked for hours to produce delicious biryani, which is certainly one of the most popular Indian meals.


    A verity of Kababs is an inseparable part of the authentic and traditional Indian food culture. The art of making delicious succulent kababs was first introduced to the Indians by the Mughals. The kababs are made with minced meat mixed with Indian spices and are cooked on skewers over a charcoal fire, which not only tenderizes the kababs but also adds a smoky flavour to them. And now at Perth Indian restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of such mouth-watering kababs.

5. mAlai kofta

       There are several veg Indian cuisine as well that are loved and craved by people from all over the world. Often given as one of the many delicious veg items in an Indian veg thali, Malai Kofta is one such famous Indian cuisine that is known for its distinct mildly spicy flavour. Here the veg-balls made with unripe bananas or gourd are soaked and cooked in tomato gravy, different Indian spices and cream, turning into a pure delight to the taste buds.

      With Indian restaurant now open in Perth, no need to spend days and hours in search of Indian food of great quality and terrific taste. Say goodbye to the daunting task of going through restaurants after restaurants in search of quality Indian Food in Perth, and make sure to visit a Best Indian restaurant in Perth for filling your tummy with some well-known delicious traditional and authentic Indian cuisine!