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How To Win MasterChef Australia

Have you always been passionate about cooking and wanted to participate in Australia’s popular cooking competition game show, MasterChef? Do all your friends and relatives praise your culinary skills and compare them to the delicious restaurant-foods like Indian food in Perth? Well, if you think you can cook like a pro and your food tastes like that of the popular restaurants in Australia such as the best Indian restaurant in Perth, it’s high time you apply for the next season of MasterChef.

Here are some quick tips to increase your chances of winning MasterChef Australia. Read on.

Balance Your Style with cooking to Challenge

One of the many secrets of winning the MasterChef is finding your cooking style while cooking to the new challenges as well. Even you excel in cooking Asian foods or cuisines that are served in a best Indian restaurant in Perth, you got to find your style of cooking and cook what you truly love instead of trying to cook everything from around the world.

Remember, cooking in Master Chef means cooking with weird ingredients within absurd time limits. Hence, even you are an expert in cooking like an Indian restaurant in Perth, you got to make sure you finish within the time limits and present the good the way you wanted to.

Serve A Story, Not Just Food

Imagine dining in a popular restaurant such as the best Indian restaurant in Perth. When you remember that dining experience you don’t only remember the food but the ambiance, the restaurant, the company you had their etc.

Similar to this whole experience you enjoyed in an eatery like the best Indian restaurant in Perth, when you are in a game show like Master Chef, make sure to serve your food with a story to make it more enjoyable.

Make your food unique by serving it with the story behind it such as why you cooked it, what inspired you to cook it or whether it’s a favorite of any of your family members etc.

Became Aware of the Judge’s Taste

Everyone loves food that is good and delicious, but not without their preferences. And you have to know about this preference of the judges and be aware of whether they like food of certain flavor or certain regions such as of best Indian restaurant in Perth.

For example, Master Chef Judge Gary Mehigan pays more attention to strong techniques than certain flavor or reflection of the thought behind the preparation.

Learn and Embrace the Cooking Experience

Being in a proper frame of mind to give your best cooking efforts, being relaxed under the huge pressure of tough competition while being away and isolated from your family and friends are not always easy.

But, when it's Master Chef, you got to adapt to the learn and embrace the whole experience as a professional chef dedicated to cooking the best cuisines in Australia like the best Indian food in Perth.


Several celebrity chefs have often expressed their likeness and approval for the food scene of Perth which includes even the best Indian restaurant in Perth. If you think you are capable of cooking a variety of mouth-watering cuisines and often get to hear that your food tastes like quality Indian food in Perth made by professional chefs, then it’s your cue to participate in Australia’s famous MasterChef.